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Over time, your skin tone can begin to change. Skin may not be as firm and supple as it once was. A look in the mirror shows features that are not as well defined as they once were, a face that does not reflect the energy you feel inside. A face lift can restore a more youthful appearance by smoothing the skin and tightening the muscles of the face.

The process of a face lift varies, depending on the patient’s needs. Some patients may require only a partial face lift, such as a chin or a forehead lift. Others may need a full face lift, where the incision is hidden in an S-shape around the ears. A consultation provides an opportunity to ask questions about face lifts and other procedures that will provide patients with the best results.

Face lifts are done in our surgical suite under monitored anesthesia. Recovery times vary, but most people have their last stitches removed after about two weeks. By that time the patient should be back to his/her normal exercise and activity levels.